Suggestion #1: Anxiety Calming Glitter Jars

Calming Jar.

After doing some research on Pinterest, I found this pin very helpful.

I have been getting a lot of anxiety and panic attacks lately. And it has taken me awhile to calm down and breathe.

Somehow this mason jar filled with water, glitter glue and craft glitter helps me calm down at a faster rate than usual.

Just watching the glitter fall down from one end to the other helps me shift my focus onto the glitter. As I’ve used it more often, I found it very helpful to breathe in before turning the jar over. Then breathing out once the large amount of glitter start to separate and disappear to the bottom.

If you go on Pinterest & search “Calming Jar”, there are many types of calming jars that appear. But, I found this website & used it to make my own calming jar:

Hopefully this will be helpful to other individuals that have panic & anxiety attacks often.


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