Suggestion #2: Your Own Getaway

With everything happening to me lately, I have been getting a lot of panic attacks.

I have been really overwhelmed with everything from a horrible week of work, moving, going on vacation soon, my financial situation & not getting enough sleep.

I’ve broken down.

I found myself yesterday on the bathroom floor having a major panic attack. Not being able to breathe and curling myself into a ball.

When this happens, I make a quick getaway. (Luckily, I made my getaway plans 2 weeks in advance.)

Whenever I need to completely free my mind and be in a different environment, I go to Disneyland.
Disneyland is my getaway.

Disneyland is truly the happiest place on Earth.

I have been an Annual Passholder for about 7 years. And I have been an Annual Passholder for that long, just for one reason: TO ESCAPE

Some people escape their lives in different ways like drugs & alcohol. But that is not always the best choice for an escape.

Going to Disneyland for me is my escape because:

  1. It is away from San Diego
  2. I am transported into different areas through walking around the different lands and rides that make all my frustration and stress disappear
  3. I am able to let all my frustration out by screaming on the rollercoasters
  4. I am able to smile and laugh. No fake smiles and hiding any emotions
  5. I am able to breathe knowing that I leave all my stress and worries behind in San Diego.

I don’t go to Disneyland often with my pass. Most likely I go once every 2-3 months to make my pass worth the money.

Not everyone can have Disneyland as their getaway.

Whenever I can’t make a trip to Disneyland, I escape locally. I typically go to a Starbucks or  Barnes & Nobles. The atmosphere is really calming and that is where I usually write in my journal, read and reflect.

Another local getaway here in San Diego would be the beach. Just sitting in the sand or on a bench while hearing the waves is a great getaway.

Wherever you find peace & comfort, make that your quick getaway to stop your life, reflect and breathe.

When things get too overwhelming and you feel like you are trapped in your problems and emotions….GO TO YOUR OWN GETAWAY.


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