The Forgotten Ones.

It sucks.

It sucks to be forgotten.

It sucks when you always things for others and don’t feel important when others don’t do the same thing back.

It sucks when you always work hard and others don’t recognize your accomplishments.

It sucks.

It sucks when you watch your family plan and implement all these surprises for your cousin who graduated college the same weekend as you graduated college.

& yet, when it’s your graduation. They don’t do the same for you.


I have been asking myself this for a little over 3 months. (and to be honest, it’s been bothering me and I have been crying about it ever since).

Why not me?

It takes so much time and effort to plan surprises for someone. I have seen and been involved in so many surprises for other family members.

Why not me?

The thing that sucks is that I knew that my family weren’t going to plan anything special for me because I heard so many surprises for my cousin.

I KNEW IT.  But I wish I didn’t believe what my mind was telling me.

Why are we forgotten?

The ones who do everything right, work hard, work hard until you pass out. The ones that will always give. Give even though they don’t have much. They want so much and you give so much, yet they forget about you.

& it sucks, especially when you have depression.

I don’t expect fireworks and huge surprises. I just want to feel like I am important to someone in my life.

(& I have experienced a pity invite or pity party before. Just because I let my feelings out, they want to feel better about themselves. I don’t want that, I hate that. )

It sucks to be forgotten.

Here’s to the forgotten ones.


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