The Beginning.

2016 will be all about me.

It sounds selfish, but in my’s really not.

I have spent my entire life thinking about everyone else.

Thinking about how to please others. I’ve been thinking about how everyone else thinks about me. Plus I’ve been pretending that I’m okay & don’t have a mental illness, so they don’t have to “deal with it”. I have been comparing my life to everyone else and think about their happiness over mine.

I need to stop thinking about everyone else and think about myself for once.

My focus is on my health physically and emotionally this year.

To focus on my physical health:

  • It’s cliche’ but I really need to start exercising. It’s been hard this year, because there were so many things going on this year. I couldn’t start working out because it wouldn’t be consistent. I had school, moved, worked a lot and went on 2 trips. No excuses this year.
  • I’m going to start drinking ALOT more WATER & eat a lot better than I typically do. I actually have been eating better than last year. I barely get fast food and Mexican food..only on occasion. I used to eat a lot of candy, but I don’t eat it as much. I need to EAT BREAKFAST. Plus I need to eat a lot more vegetables on a daily basis.  I’m still doing better at not drinking soda. As much as I love coffee, I need to regulate my amount of coffee again. Only tall coffee, grande on days that are needed, & no coffee on some days. Plus I’m going to try to drink double the amount of water, along with the coffee. I got extremely dehydrated a couple of months ago. And from that, I knew that I really needed to drink a lot more water than I usually do. I started drinking fruit detox water and I might start doing again in the new year.
  • I need to start taking care of my skin a lot more. Let’s just say I’m really bad at taking care of my face and my skin.


To focus on my emotional health:

  • Happiness. I am on a mission to make this year about me being happy and finding happiness. I really need to control my mind to see the positive aspects of life and not immediately go to the negative ones.
  • Depression. I need to continue and work on my depression. I’ll admit that I have used my depression and and anxiety as an excuse. I need to focus more on saying how I feel instead of blaming it on depression right away.
  • Social Media Detox. This goal is extremely important to execute this year. I need to get away from social media. This blog ( explains why it’s important to detox. My mind has been poisoned to social media. I check all my social media many times within the day. I feel like my life is unsatisfactory when I don’t get a lot of likes on instagram or when I start comparing my life to others. It makes me feel crappy at times. It sounds stupid but that is how life is today, everyone is posting ONLY the positive aspects of their life to do what? To show the world that they have an amazing life, I call it bragging or showing off. I’m slowly but surely going to delete toxic people on social media and eventually logging off forever or deleting some forms of social media. Plus getting off of social media can make me focus my mind on other things (such as writing more on this blog)
  • Color. Craft. & Create. I am going to replace my time from social media to do a lot more arts and crafts. I’m going to focus my time on doing new art projects and continue on my mind map art series.
  • Writing. I want to write a lot more especially on here. I’m going to be raw and honest about my feelings. Also, I want to write down the different methods that I tried to help me with my depression. Eventually, I want to write a book someday. But I need to practice writing and have content in order to achieve it.
  • Living an Organized life. I have lost my motivation and drive to work since I graduated. My life is not as organized as it used to be. I need to start keeping a clean habit (aka my room, car, bathroom, purse). I need to write in my planner AND follow my planner.


Like I said in the other post, I have no idea what is going to happen in 2016.

But, I need to focus on myself & my well-being this year.


Let’s do this, 2016!


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