Social Media Free Sunday.

While I was in church today, I was thinking about my Europe trip.

I was thinking about how it felt amazing not to have data and barely have any wifi. Some people can’t do that, but it felt so refreshing not checking my phone all the time.

During that trip, I only had wifi for a couple of times. One was in our first hotel in Rome and it worked really well. Another was in our last hotel room in Rome, but it barely worked. I used the internet for a small amount of time in Barcelona in a restaurant we ate at for lunch. For a little over 2 weeks, I only spent a small amount of time using my wifi and checking on my social media. During that entire week on the cruise (minus the 45 mins eating lunch in Barcelona), I was wifi free. No internet, no social media, no emails, no texting, etc. I did have an option to purchase wifi for a small fee, but I decided that I needed a break from the internet.

It was an amazing feeling. During that trip, I got to truly experience the beautiful sites and cities that I was very fortunate enough to go to. I was able to relax on the cruise ship and utilize all the activities that were provided. I didn’t get distracted by my phone and the only time I touched my phone was to take photos.

But, as soon as I landed back in America and my phone was able to use data again, social media took over again.

I want to experience that amazing and refreshing feeling of not looking at my phone every 30 mins (or less). I am achieving my goal of spending less time on social media for my social media detox. I barely go on Facebook and Instagram, plus I deleted a lot of people so I don’t spend minutes checking the feed.


I decided to have a social media free Sunday. 

For me, I usually use Sundays to relax, watch a movie and do some sort of art. There are some Sundays where I go to Disneyland, have a family party to go to, or have something going on. But, my Sundays are usually like this… Coffee +church+ lunch+ rest/movie/art +dinner+ Youtube + sleep.

I don’t like doing anything on Sundays, most likely because I like to rest before the week of working Monday-Friday begins again.

So on Sunday, my phone will be off when I get home from church. And I will log off on any social media I have.

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday.




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