Last & First Moments.

Just within one week, I go from:

Going to my job on a normal day and then the end of the week, I give that job a two weeks notice and I accept an offer at another job.

Funny how life works out that way.

Moving onto the next chapter means: experiencing last and first moments.

  • Last moments of a routine that I’ve known and been familiar with for over a year.
  • Then after I experience those last moments, I immediately begin experiencing first moments in a new chapter of my life.

It took me into my mid-20s to realize how change is necessary and change is inevitable. When I was younger, I was so afraid of change. I liked routine and I liked things to be the same. The only reason why I didn’t like change is because I didn’t know anything other that what is in this world of mine. But as I grew older, I found out that change is making my life better and changing my “normal” routine every once in awhile, helps me grow as an individual.

If I didn’t allow change in my life, I would not be where I am today.

Don’t be afraid of change. You decided to make a change for a reason. 

Embrace those last moments and prepare yourself for the first moments. Because sometime in the future, those first moments will transform into last moments.

Onto the next chapter…





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