A series of uncontrollable and unfortunate events.

DAY TWO of being 27 and I’m already convinced that this year is going to be difficult.

So much has gone on in just two days of being 27: sickness, hospital visit, no sleep and getting way too overwhelmed at work.

I’m exhausted.

I know that turning 27 didn’t have to do with all these events.

But, I’m looking it at a perspective that: I NEED TO GET MY LIFE TOGETHER.

I drove home today & broke down. I listened to Hamilton’s “Wait for it”

And when I heard this part of the song, I immediately cried

Life doesn’t discriminate
Between the sinners and the saints
It takes and it takes and it takes
And we keep living anyway
We rise and we fall and we break
And we make our mistakes

And if there’s a reason I’m still alive
When so many have died
Then I’m willin’ to—

It’s what I needed. I needed to cry.

I wish people would understand me and understand that MY LIFE + DEPRESSION are not good together.

If my life looked like an equation, it would look like this.


I’m basically rambling right now. Because I’m exhausted.

I don’t know. But I feel like I needed to tell you this.



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