It is currently 10:33 PM

And to be honest, I’ve been feeling so negative and (insert as many cuss words here) this entire week.

I spent the last hour feeling so bad and feeling like I’m not living my life how it’s “supposed” to be.

But, then…

something in me just said,

“I DON’T CARE”  & (social media is not worth feeling so bad about yourself)


Who Cares if:

  • You see another engagement on social media and you’re still single (@27). You live your own life. You graduated college while having a full load of classes, working, school internships, and having depression. You are currently working a full time job with benefits. WHO CARES. You will find love and get married when you are ready, not because everyone is doing it. 
  • People are posting great vacation photos and you’re stuck at work. You went on two amazing vacations last year. (You’re taking a break and going to Disneyland this weekend)
  • You see more relationships popping up in social media. Seriously….stop comparing your life to someone elses. AGAIN…You will find love and get married when you are ready, not because everyone is doing it.
  • You don’t go out as often as you used to. work with 4 and 5 year olds. It is rewarding, but everyday is exhausting and you use all your energy from working with them.


Social media messes your mind so much that you start comparing your life to other’s lives. You have a different life than everyone else’s. Everyone has different priorities in life.  Not everyone will graduate college from 22, have a career immediately, get married right after and then have children. Life is not one timeline that EVERYONE MUST FOLLOW. NO!

You have your own timeline, because everything EVENTUALLY falls into the right place in the right time. 


I will post an in-depth detailed list on this sometime this week or next week. But these little things have helped me with my depression/anxiety these past months.

  • Change up your routine. (One change I do is go to different starbucks around my work on different days, again I work with kids, I need coffee daily. But going to different starbucks makes my routine less automatic and less like a routine)
  • DELETE DELETE DELETE. If there is something on social media that is messing with your head, delete those people. It’s something I’ve been doing for the past year. I used to just hide people’s feeds but somehow come back to them. Deleting them from your social media honestly feels like your deleting them from your life in a way. Sometimes I need to block them, so I don’t run into their accounts or have an urge to check their accounts.
  • Read. Read. Read.  I’ve been relaxing and reading books I’ve bought years ago and never finished. Especially self-help books before bed or during my lunch break to focus my mind on something else than my phone or my macbook.
  • I recently downloaded Spotify ( I know, I’m late in the game). But I’ve found so many playlists that helped me in whatever mood I’m in. Right now, I’m listening to the “Happy Hits!” playlist. Because I was feeling so down and when I started saying to myself “so what” and “who cares”, I needed a playlist to match my mood.
  • & more…


I need to sleep for work tomorrow. I am actually dreading tomorrow, but I know if I wake up positive, 6pm will be here sooner and I will have that amazing feeling of getting out of work on a Friday. I just gotta get through one more day.


You guys can get through any hardship or struggle you are currently experiencing.





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