Here’s to 2017.

This year has been a blur.

It went too fast, but then at some points…it felt like life wasn’t going anywhere.

& I was stuck in the same day-to-day routine.

I don’t want to set new year resolutions for 2017 because resolutions are typically forgotten until about February.

I had a lot in my mind this year. Many of them turned into blog posts and many of them just ended up in drafts.

Overall it’s been the hardest year for my depression. I have never lost my self so much within a year. Losing myself made me feel so numb to everything.

I don’t wanna relive this year again.
For 2017: I’m rebuilding myself little by little. I am not going to push myself to start new goals and try to follow through with it right away. I am still going to try to analyze the parts that are making me unhappy and try to take the necessary steps to find myself again.

2017 is when I turn 28.

18 was the year that I wanted to end my life. All throughout my teen years, I didn’t think about my future or what I wanted in my life because I knew that by the age of 18, I was going to end it all.

It’s going to be 10 years later. I stayed alive. I’m still here 10 years later.

Let’s see what this next year will bring us.

10 mins until midnight.

Here’s to 2017 & here’s to anyone that is lonely/depressed/feel as if they are not heard.

This is to us. We are not alone.


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