One week.

I needed a break this weekend.

I spent too many days these past couple of weeks crying in my car on the way home from work.

I’m done.

I’ve worked so hard and I do my best not to complain and just do my job.

But this is not worth it. It’s not worth the fear of getting yelled at. It’s not worth the anxiety, frustration and exhaustion of trying to get everything done by yourself with little to no help.

I had to give myself a physical and mental break this weekend.

Yesterday, I drove to a cafe 20 mins away to get coffee. I didn’t do any cleaning, chores, etc. I basically laid on the couch all day yesterday. Same with today. No trader joes run. no getting food and clothes ready for tomorrow. I’ve just been laying in bed for the majority of the day.

I’m giving it one more week.

One week to see how this plays out. If there is some progress, then I won’t rush into getting a new job. If not, then that’s a clear sign to do something and make a prominent change in my life.


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