A different approach. 

Since these last few months at work have been difficult.

I’m going on a different route on how to handle tomorrow.

I’ve been anxious a lot lately. And having so many panic attacks. So my mind has been racing over everything and I get that weird knot in my stomach.

I feel as if so many bad shit has happened in the past couple of months that I have been anticipating more shit to happen. 

It’s just all going down from here.

So instead of assuming something bad is going to happen and have anxiety over it.

I’m just going to say that some shit is going to happen tomorrow and as of right now I can’t do anything about it.

I’m not going to force myself to sleep early so I can feel “refreshed” in the morning. But the more I force myself to sleep, the longer it takes me to fall asleep.

I also added in my planner:

To breathe.

& cry if I need to.

Whatever happens, happens.

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