I left town today.

To go to LA. More specifically Universal Studios.

I needed to escape. 

My friend and I have planned this trip since June. And many postponed plans later, we finally went.

After all that happened at work recently and my non-stop headache for a week now, I would typically just stay home to avoid any anxiety from happening. 

But I felt like I needed to go despite the fact that I had a pounding headache for 7 days now.

And I’m glad I did.

I needed to leave town. I needed to be in a new environment.

It didn’t even have to be a theme park, I just needed to escape.

But the thing that I love about theme parks is that I don’t think about all my problems and worries. 

I can escape and be transported to a different world. I can scream all my anger away on fast scary rides. I have a smile on my face from the fun of the rides. A real smile, oh it’s been too long. 

This feeling is refreshing. 

Whenever you get the chance, escape.

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