That One Thought that Ruins your Day.

This happens almost every week.

That tiny moment of feeling great about myself, getting things done and starting to feel like myself just vanishes after one thought.

That thought turns to overthinking, then I feel the anxiety building inside of me. Then my head hurts, my jaw starts to get tense and I start to feel body aches. Then my thoughts explode and I think of every single possible thing that is “wrong” with my life. And I get depressed. where 

I hate social media. I don’t get why I’m still on it.

At least I should delete everyone in my life on it and keep it as an account for mental health support. Which I’m trying to do.

(I’ll do it in the new year)

This is one of those posts where I don’t finish writing my thoughts because it’s getting late and I’m tired.

Talk to you later




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