The Thoughts That You Don’t Want to Keep.

Those thoughts.

Those thoughts of awkwardness, embarrassing, cringey, “AHHH!”, “why did I do that”. The thoughts that make you upset. The thoughts that make you nervous and scared. The thoughts of past moments that you didn’t want to pop up in your mind.

These are the thoughts that you don’t want to keep circling in your mind over and over again.

You don’t want to think about it, but yet it just stays there.

So how can you get rid of those thoughts?

It’s probably different for everyone.

But this is what I do: (hopefully it can help someone?)

  • This one might make you look crazy. But it helps. I literally tell myself to stop thinking about it. This is weird because I hate when others tell me to stop thinking about things. But just talking to yourself can help. I tell myself the facts of why things occurred the way it did. And I tell myself that it happened and I can’t do anything about it at this moment.
  • I distract myself in different ways. Sometimes I watch Youtube vlogs and have a marathon or watch a new movie or documentary. Other times I have to do some type of art: painting, sticker art, coloring, etc. When I’m in the mood, I organize something in my room. And sometimes, a nice trip to Target or Michaels can help distract my mind.
  • Sometimes I just have to drive away, somewhere that I can just breathe. That time when I first texted Crisis Text Line, I had so much anxiety and knew that thinking about  the situation that had occurred would not leave my mind. And so I drove away to my old neighborhood. I feel like I could breathe when I’m over there, so it was the perfect place to go. I used to drive to the beach and just feel the breeze and can feel so much better.


(I’m tired from today and don’t know how to end this post)



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