5 more minutes.

As I’m waiting for the new year to start in my room watching the New Years Eve special, I’m thinking about how I used to think about New Years Eve.

I heard somewhere when I was younger that how you spend your New Years Eve is how you’re going to spend the year.

So if you’re spending it with family, you’re gonna spend your year with your family.

One New Years Eve I was at Disneyland with my boyfriend and he “broke up” or left me for another girl 3 weeks later.

I always believed that New Years Eve is supposed to be a glamorous life and I needed a special someone to spend it with.

But as the years weren’t matching up to New Years Eve, I grew accustomed to spending my New Years Eve in my pajamas at home.

2 more minutes.

I don’t know what 2018 will bring.

But I’m going to make it a good one, no matter what.


Happy New Year.

Happy new beginnings.


1 Comment

  1. Yup, New Years Eve can be overrated if not celebrated for the right reasons . My best ones are with the ones I love and who equally love me back… my family !! 😀


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