Preoccupied Symptoms.

As much as I’m worried about everything else in my life, I am overly cautious and/or preoccupied with everything that is involved with my physical health.

I can’t tell if certain symptoms are really occurring in or to my body…. OR if my mind is tricking me. 

Sometimes I don’t do anything about it, then it turns out to something that needs medical attention. OR sometimes I do something about it, then it turns out to be nothing,

But very few times, like those 3 times in the last 6 months where my mind wasn’t tricking me. And I didn’t waste my time seeing a doctor or my dentist.

But every time, I feel like something is wrong with my body then I start worrying about it.

I had some teeth break in the past and after those incidents, I became worried about how I eat. If I eat something and something feels unusual, then I start to panic. ( I just did this like 30 mins ago). Sometimes, well most of the time I feel like there’s something stuck in my throat. (But I believe the feeling of a lump in my throat can be due to my anxiety….or is it?).

I become so worried and then I start to look things up online.

Yea I’m one of those that checks my symptoms to see what I can have. This is part of the problem.

Then my mind thinks and overthinks about it so much it feels, as if those symptoms are intensifying. 

But was it real?

Or is it my body sending me signals or is it my mind?

I don’t know.

But, this is one of the horrible thoughts that my mind goes through on a daily basis.





  1. I can’t even begin to advise on your situation. I hope you get help with that soon. It must be frustrating. Stress can definitely cause synptoms of pain and illness. I hope you have someone can talk to.


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