I can’t do it today, I have depression.

Or some days, I feel like saying “I can’t do it today, I have too much anxiety”.

What will happen? What will happen if I actually say these sentences.

I don’t know and I don’t think I will ever know.

Anxiety and depression don’t appear like valid excuses. It might be seen as laziness to others. 

I have put off tasks or haven fallen behind on getting things done because of my anxiety and depression.

I was supposed to call my dentist right after my root canal last Tuesday. But I became so overwhelmed this past week and I just put it off.

I knew I had to do it, but:

overthinking about the situation + anxiety + hunger (due to the root canal) + more overthinking + overwhelming events at work 

= I can’t do it. 

Anxiety & depression don’t appear like an “excuse” and it’s not an excuse.

It’s prevention. 

Prevention of panic attacks. Prevention of becoming too overwhelmed and exhausted that it will lead to more symptoms of depression and anxiety.

I can’t do it today because I need to take care of my mind and myself. 


That’s what I want to say.


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