When you give up on someone because they gave up on you.

I’m so tired of cutting ties and any connections with those I used to be close with.

It’s happened so many times with so many people.

I come across photos and memories with people. And thinking about how my relationship with them isn’t the same anymore breaks my heart.

Because I’m tired of caring more about them than they care about me.

I’m tired of being the one to make an effort to text about something.

And when I do stop texting, they don’t text at all.

They don’t make an effort, so why would you make an effort anymore

You get an occasional “let’s hang out soon” then it turns to “sorry, I was busy. Let’s hang out _____”

They say they’re “busy” but somehow have time to hang out with others.

I’ve heard this a million times from so many people.

It hurts. So I’ve been hurt a million times.

At some point, I just have to cut any connection with them.

It affects my mind, my mental health.

And once I start getting upset about it, my mental health suffers. And my mental health comes first.



  1. I have to admit, I am the last one that wants to hang out with anyone. I rpefer to be in the comfort of my home, unless I’m working. I am very bad at being a good friend, for someone who needs companionship. I do regret not keeping touch with people that wanted to stay in touch with me, but that is how I am, not just for one person but for everyone. I think some of us are just not social.


  2. Hi There! It is difficult to maintain friendships. My dearest friend and I only chat or meet up once or twice a year because we are so busy or just enjoy staying in. However, we have an understanding. It’s one thing to continue being ignored verses having a long standing relationship with an understanding. I used to feel that way until I realized I needed to start appreciating me more. Using that time for self-care and being able to quickly realize who is part of my support system. Chin up and maybe try not to heavily invest in anyone until you feel some sort of surety. Sending you 🤗 hugs!


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