Mental Health Awareness Month.


It’s May.

It is Mental Health Awareness Month.
I’m trying to think of ways to spread the awareness of Mental Health for this month.

But for now, I’m just going to write my own experiences and spread the awareness on social media.

Not only it is mental health awareness month.

It’s a very anxiety-filled month. That will most likely lead to moments of depression and panic attacks.

A wedding. Another wedding (co-worker) that I’m not going to but when she’s gone, I have way too much work to do. Plus all the other million things I need to do in the next two months. It’s almost summer and it’s almost my birthday.  Oh and it’s almost the anniversary of when I first started feeling symptoms of depression. 

So 14/15 years?

I am not mentally prepared for what this month will bring.

I have said in my last post that on my birthday…next month. I am going to delete all my personal social media. So that means any and everyone I know personally, I am not going to be connected to them on social media. Any type of social media I have will only be used for things connected to getting ideas for work, mental health awareness and following my favorite artists and youtube creators.

When it gets closer to my birthday, I’m pretty sure you’ll hear about this more.

I don’t know what to say…

I should probably sleep.

Talk to you soon.


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