How did things change so quickly?

I was looking at this photo montage video that I made myself for my 25th birthday.

It was basically my life told in photos along with transitions and Coldplay playing in the background.

From about 2004 until 2014.

So many memories. So many moments of pure happiness.

So many people that used to be part of my life are in so many of those photos. But they are not part of my life nor have been part of my life in many many years.

So many places that I went to, so many events that I was part of.

And I noticed something in all my photos: my smile. 

It was pure. My smiles back then in those photos, they were pure. 

When I look at photos of myself lately probably in the past couple of years. I honestly don’t like them and think I look ugly.

Because my smiles are fake. It’s not the same smile as those photos in that montage. 

And that just makes me so sad to realize that.

And what makes me sad is that if I made another montage today and updated it, I would barely have photos from the past couple of years.

So what happened?

How did things change so quickly?

4 years later turning 29.

And I don’t smile the same anymore.



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