At some point within the last couple of days, I just felt like I was going to explode with the amount of thoughts circling around my head.

I’m pretty sure that’s what my last post was all about.

I wanted to spend this weekend (re)focusing.

I watched the movie To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (3 times because it’s amazing)

& got inspired to write letters.

Letters to No One. 

Basically it’s letters to certain people stating things I’ve wanted to tell them but can’t.

It’s in a notebook, it begins with “dear you”. It’s not something that I’m going to share.

But it includes the thoughts that just need to come out of my head and put down into words.

In a way it’ll give me some closure with my feelings by writing it down as if I’m talking to that specific person.


I spent this morning (trying) to re(focus).

I was planning to spend the morning at starbucks to work on work/resume/cover letter, etc. But the internet didn’t want to connect to my computer.

Instead I focused on (re)focusing my life.

I basically wrote down the categories that I started but never finished because of the overwhelming amount of anxiety I’m experiencing lately.

  1. Organization: I started organizing and decluttering my room at the beginning of the summer. In the midst of all the chaos, I stopped. I wrote down the rest of the areas I need to focus on. And I’m proud of myself that I finished one area last night pretty quickly.
  2. New Job. This is an ongoing category that scares me sometimes. I finished my resume but I still need my cover letter and actually apply to jobs.
  3. Mental Health: I started the process of finding therapists, I just need to go on the next step of making appointments and such. And making my mental health my first priority.
  4. The last one are just small things I need to within the next couple of weeks.

I felt like that helped stopped the overwhelming amount of thoughts swirling around my head. Putting everything in categories helped me focus on what I need to do.


Going to write more letters.

& (re)focus.

Have a good week!


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