When your mental health affects your physical health.

Maybe it’s the stress.

The stress that comes from daily life of dealing with work, financial stuff, relationships, etc.

But when you add that unexpected worry about the smallest thing or feeling really down and want to lay in bed all day OR the opposite when you  overthink everything about your life and can’t sleep …..to that stress. 

It can break you mentally and physically.  Mentally with the anxiety, overwhelming worries and feeling really upset about your life or wanting to end it. 

Physically with : 


Tension Headaches. 

Pain in my jaw from clenching too much.

I have experienced these three many many times especially within the past year. 

and it just destroys you.

I had a pretty stress-free four day weekend after a stressful three days of work. And at the end of my four day weekend, I get a migraine…the ENTIRE day.   

Which made it’s way over to today. 

& I have so many things to do. But I’m trying my best just to relax and mentally rest myself that my physical health can improve. 

I’m not going to do my usual routine of making my lunch, doing all these things before bed. I’m just going to listen to relaxing music and let myself sleep when it wants to. 

So which one do you take care of first: 

Your mental health


Your physical health?


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  1. Such a great post! Every time I go to the dentist I get told off for grinding my teeth so much, which I do because of anxiety. Thank you for sharing!

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