The End & The Beginning.

In the past couple of weeks, I have: started a blog post, stare at it, and exit out of it without finishing it or publishing it.

It’s been rough, real rough. And I didn’t feel like expressing how I felt into words and just soaked in every raw emotion that I felt.

It’s New Years Eve. And I just want this year to end already. A couple of days ago, my mind kept on saying “I work hard and I’m a nice person” along with thoughts of how worthless I am.

I’ve been waiting for this new year to start.

But I do want to share some ways I recorded the moments of the year.

  1. I bought a calendar and every day I wrote down one thank that I am grateful. Even if it was the smallest thing like “going home from work” or food.
  2. I downloaded the 1SE (1 second everyday app) and everyday I recorded a second of my day.
  3. I started and kept up (kinda) with my bullet journal including keeping track of mental health. There were a couple of months where I rushed it.
  4. I started a journal of “Dear You” letters. Which are basically letters with things that I want to say to people but can’t or won’t tell them.

I’m going to continue with these into the new year.

I don’t know what to say about the new year. It’s almost over & it’s time for a new one.

Happy New Year. Happy New Start.


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