Anxious Thoughts While Feeling Sick During a Pandemic

Anxiety & COVID-19 are not a good mix.

It doesn’t help that regular symptoms that I get are similar to symptoms of COVID-19.

I’ve had headaches and migraines for years now.

Anxiety always gives me shortness of breath.

I commonly get sore throats.

Today felt different waking up. I didn’t feel 100%. I felt 45%.

I compared how I felt yesterday and how I felt today. It was different.

I still had the regular symptoms that I’m familiar with. But I felt more congested and weak. But I didn’t have a fever. And I rarely get fevers.

I didn’t know what to do. I went to work. Told them that I didn’t really feel good and was not sure what to do. Since I had at least two symptoms without a fever. I had to call my doctor. I talked to triage and since my symptoms were minor, I had to go to urgent care, get checked and get a COVID test.

I was told to quarantine for 14 days.

And that caused an anxiety attack.

I try my best to stay away from the news and media. The high amount of cases, the lack of people wearing masks, the videos of people attacking others just simply because of how they look…scares me.

To think that I could be one of those numbers scared me.

I also felt guilty because what if I had the virus from my minor symptoms and I didn’t get a test earlier and isolate myself.

Then I went to Urgent care’s respiratory clinic…which happened to be a tent outside in the parking structure. I immediately got my temperature read and oxygen checked. Then I got a strep test and then I had to administer a COVID test. Which was intimidating because I had to do it myself and I had 3 nurses there with me.

I got my vitals checked. And the doctor said that I was healthy.

So it is either a COLD or COVID.

That’s a big space in between those two types of conditions.

I already felt anxious and guilty.

And then I felt more anxious that I probably overreacted because it could just be a cold.

But then again, these minor symptoms that I regularly get, could be COVID.

It’s hard to know how to feel.

You think things are okay. But nurses say to get checked and then anxiety hits. Then you have a 50/50 chance of being okay.

I have to self isolate for three days. More time to be alone with my thoughts.



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