Write on…

I prefer writing over typing any day. When I was in college, I always bought a notebook for notes,even though I brought my laptop everywhere with me. In my room, I have about a thousand journals. All unfinished. All with a different purpose. Writing. Physically. For different purposes. There’s just something about it. In school, […]

All I’ve Ever Wanted in these Past 15+ years of Struggling with a Mental Illness is a HUG.

The most simplest form of human connection: A HUG. And that’s something I want, but don’t get. But it’s something that I want/need when I’m struggling with depression or anxiety. I get those awkward side hugs from people, second-long hugs from relatives and hugs from my students. But those hugs are just for greetings…saying hello […]

I want to go back to the time where I didn’t spend a majority of my night worrying.

What if…? Did I forget this? Did I make the wrong decision? Did I do something wrong? Why haven’t _____ responded? And everything ending with the WORST POSSIBLE SCENARIOS PLAYING AND REPLAYING IN MY HEAD. Why did this start happening? When did this start happening and how did escalate to this level? It’s been intense […]