I fooled myself.

For a moment sometime in the past 2 weeks, I made myself believe that I was okay. I make everyone believe that I’m okay but I’m just fooling them. I fooled myself. I made myself believe that I was okay. But deep deep down in myself, there was my depression and anxiety just telling me […]

Bye Year 28.

  Another tough year in the books. I didn’t go to Disneyland like I usually do. I wanted to relax on the days leading up to my birthday. I had so much anxiety/anxiety attacks/panic attacks/teeth clenching within the past 6 months that all I wanted for my birthday was not to feel anxious anymore.  I […]


There are times when stress and/or anxiety hits me at night before I get ready to calm my mind to sleep. Overthinking happens. Then leads to more overthinking and worrying. My heart starts beating fast.. Then all of a sudden it’s 1am, then 3am and 6am. Sometimes you need to tell your mind to stop. […]