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There are times when stress and/or anxiety hits me at night before I get ready to calm my mind to sleep. Overthinking happens. Then leads to more overthinking and worrying. My heart starts beating fast.. Then all of a sudden it’s 1am, then 3am and 6am. Sometimes you need to tell your mind to stop. […]

I Don’t Talk.

It’s funny how one small sentence someone says or one thought… can lead to another thought and another… and all of a sudden I am completely devastated about my life and myself. Oh man. When I thought that my life couldn’t get any more chaotic, this week happened. I’m pretty sure I stated in my […]

My life should be entitled “Wrong Timing”.

I probably have written something similar to this subject many times. But it’s always been like this and it’s so frustrating. Missed opportunities have happened. Plans have overlapped and sometimes they cancel each other out.  & overall it just ends with stress and frustration. I know that I can’t control events from happening, being delayed […]